See a Little Light

-       Looking At, Feeling For and Thinking With the Works of Birgir Snæbjörn Birgisson

Hope. Sure, there is hope, always, right. But hope for what? For something better and successful? Perhaps, but not necessarily so. But: there is hope, always hope for something else, something different, in this case, something more beautiful. Let me repeat it: for something more beautiful.

And yes, this more, this increasing, this advancing, this intoxicating beauty is found in the content of the works with and within the practice of Birgir Snæbjörn Birgisson. A practice that is both very specific and amazingly focused: it deals with not only beauty, but the beauty of blond women.

This is then not to be understood as something objectified, kitschy or plain silly. There is no token, no formula, but a potentiality, a promise found and grounded in the everyday life and all the things and images surrounding it. This is beauty in process – the hearts and minds on the move, moving in and through their own groove. This is work in action that takes seriously the principle of the triple T’s: it translates, transforms and transmits.

Therefore, the beauty, against all odds, is no longer only located in the eye of the beholder. It is neither general, nor generic. It turns into a combination of a personal take with a common base: it becomes a singularity. It is situated in and committed to the works, their progress, their evolvement and emergencies. In clear and simple words: something that is beforehand neglected is now altered, changed and turned into something else, something beautiful.

Mika Hannula, See a Little Light, from the book: Ladies, Beautiful Ladies, Crymogea 2014